Product Description

Instructions: Vinyl, Tile, and Carpet adhesive


  • Ensure that the screed is sound, dry and dirt free.
  • The screed temperature should not be lower than 12°C.
  • Rough, uneven or pitted screeds should be repaired first.
  • A screed moisture test should be conducted to ensure that moisture content is within the parameters set by the SABS, which is 3%.
  • Relative humidity should not exceed 70%

Do not dilute this product. Always use the correct trowel. Do not wash the floor within 10 days of laying. Stir before use. Anti-fungal treated.3-5m²/litre.

Application – Conventional method

  • Spread Multi-Purpose evenly over the area with the right trowel(*) ensuring that no lumps of adhesive are formed. The optimal area in one spread is 30m².
  • Do not lay the vinyl or carpets in wet adhesive!
  • Test the adhesive by pressing it lightly with one finger. The adhesive is dry enough if no adhesive transfers to the finger. This is called the “Thumb test”.
  • Lay the Tile or sheet on the adhesive and position before any pressure is exerted on the tile.
  • Roll with the correct roller (as specified in the SABS report on flooring installation) to ensure that no trowel marks remain.

Application – “Double-drop” method

  • This method only works on the sheeting.
  • Roll the sheet out into position.
  • Fold the sheet halfway back to expose the substrate.
  • Spread Multi-Purpose onto the substrate with a notched trowel.
  • Roll the sheet back into the wet adhesive.
  • Roll with the SABS recommended roller.
  • Fold the same half of the sheet back again and leave until adhesive is “Thumb-test” dry.
  • After the adhesive is “Thumb dry” the sheet can be rolled back onto the adhesive and rolled with the correct roller. (3 stages 68kg roller).
  • Repeat for the other half of the sheet.










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